Friday, February 2, 2007

The regular life

This is rough stuff - the regular life. Get up, work, eat, sleep, repeat... That's basically our life these last couple weeks. We're looking forward to going on a trip to Utah next weekend to break it up a little. And we hear rumors of visitors coming here...hopefully. We did get a small bed for any guest who happens by our way. hint, hint.

We do get outside and ride bikes, hike, and run at least 7 times per week. :) Sunday we spoke to our ward in Church about the Atonement and missionary work in preparation for the ward fast this Sunday for the missionary cause.

All in all, life is good. Actually great! Till next time, be safe.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

So we got a new blog...

Our old blog is still at I don't know why we had to get a new one, but oh well. we did.

We're trying to get settled in a little more down here in Boulder City, NV. But it sure is nice being closer to everyone! Our bishopric isn't too excited though. For the last 3 weeks we figured we could go somewhere on our weekends since we don't have callings yet. It was great to see all the Carters and Parkinsons and be a part of Danilee & Jacob's wedding (hope you had a great honeymoon and thanks for the treasure chest!) . We also got to surprise the Gurr's in Mesa - we we're trying to go somewhere warm, but have been unsuccessful. Mesa was a bit warmer, than NV or CA, but not much. We should have brought our iceskates with us to LA when we visited the Jordan's and Kelly & Brent.

Besides traveling every weekend we both do a little work during the week. Jewels got a job working at the Homestead. It's um, a place for, um I don't rememember. But I think it has something to do with having fun with old people. Oh yeah, people who ate too much aluminum growing up. She loves it. Jarad is having a blast flying his Twin Otter everyday too.

We'll try to update this once in a while more often and maybe soon we'll get into adding pics too!!

Till next time...